Welcome to the Pattern Drafting Class

I am Chioma Anozie, your fashion teacher. I do want to warmly welcome you to the pattern drafting class. There is so much to learn and I know you will love it.

Pattern Drafting is extremely popular abroad and is taking over the fashion industry in Nigeria. If you do not know pattern drafting, it will be become increasingly difficult for you to get good customers that pay well. Because you will not be able to make the outfits shown below, exactly as they are:

IMG_20151216_1310122  couture

This is the reason why some tailors are terrible. You tell them to make one style and they go and make something different. Why? Because they do not know pattern drafting.

The Full pattern drafting course will last for two months. Every week there will be five lessons.

The scheme of work for this week is:

  • Day 1: Welcome
  • Day 2: How to use pattern drafting to make money
  • Day 3: How to draft a skirt sloper
  • Day 4: How to modify the skirt sloper to make 4 pieces skirt
  • Day 5: How to modify the skirt sloper to make 8 pieces skirt

Next Week:

  • Day 6: Wrap skirt drafting
  • Day 7: Sewing tutorial of maxi skirt with petticoat
  • Day 8: Sewing tutorial of a wrap skirt
  • Day 9: Style analysis of a complete outfit

So expect an email and an SMS from me tomorrow(at 1pm) with links to tomorrow’s class. You don’t want to miss it because I explain to you how to use pattern drafting to make profits. This class will be extremely useful to you, even if you are not yet a seamstress or tailor. Even if you are a newbie to sewing, you will learn what to do and what to avoid to ensure you start making good money from you very first customer.

Next week, I will reveal the complete scheme of work for the Full Training. So stay tuned.
To your sewing success,

Chioma Anozie.