Sewing Techniques for a professional finish

Hi ladies,

We are gradually learning a lot about sewing. Today I want to show you techniques you can use to create a professional finish in your garments. Also I want to show you how to do backstitching.

In all the videos below, I backstitch. This prevents your stitches from loosening. Imagine the horror a client will feel if when wearing the outfit you sew, the side seams (maybe near the armpit or around the bust area) snaps in public! One of the reasons for this is not backstitching. So backstitch always, especially when sewing the shoulder seams, or side seams.

A shoulder seam is the seam from the neckline to the armhole line

A side seam is the seam from the armhole to the hem of the blouse, or gown. Any seam that runs along the side of the body, is a side seam. So for skirts, the side seam is the stitching done from the waistline to the hem of the skirt. For trousers, the side seam is the stitching done from the waist to the hem of the trouser. I will be using the terms shoulder seams and side seams a lot when we start sewing outfits, so its a good thing to know them.

Today’s videos:

How to Backstitch: Very important.


How to Understitch: I use this technique a lot to make my western-inspired garments look like shop-bought outfits instead of looking like a locally made outfit. I even use it when sewing ankara outfits and especially when sewing ankara jackets.


How to do a French Seam: French seams are the perfect seam finish for delicate fabrics like chiffon. Watch the video to learn how to do it.