Learn how to sew a pencil skirt: No patterns required

polka dot skirt

Learn how to sew this pencil skirt in 1 hour. From your own body measurements.

  • No more buying expensive patterns
  • No more adjusting a pattern to fit your curves like a glove
  • No more fretting over the delicate nature of pattern paper or cutting off pattern sizes with mixed feelings.

polka dot skirt2

Here is the truth: Patterns suck atimes. Once you cut it, there is no fixing it back, without pulling your hairs off in the process.

What if you want to sew this lovely pencil skirt for yourself and a dear friend who wears garments 6 sizes larger than yours?

Do you see where I am going? That would mean buying two different patterns and that spending more money than you would love to.

But not anymore.

This week (on Friday), I will be teaching how to sew a pencil skirt using body measurements. And I will teach you how I sew these pencil skirts in an hour or less.

No complex measurements as you try to draft a skirt sloper. The method I use to draft this pencil skirt is so easy and straightforward.

You will learn:

  • How to mark out the parts of a skirt without complex measurements (you don’t need to mess around with so many rulers. Just your measuring tape will do)
  • How to curve the hip (in an easy step)
  • What darts are and when you need them.
  • How to sew your darts for the pencil skirt.
    and lots more.

This class is perfect for:

● Sewers who have a basic understanding of garment construction, fabric manipulation and who are ready to learn new techniques to create their own patterns.

● Beginner Sewers, with little or no experience sewing, looking to grow their knowledge of garment construction.

● Sewers who are interested in pattern-making

polka dot skirt4

I warn you, after attending this class, you will never buy a skirt pattern again.


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