Bead making

Hi lovelies,

Today I will be showing you some simple bead-making.

Yesterday I promised I will send you a file on how to make an ombre bracelet that looks like this:

ombre bracelet

Click here to download tutorial on how to make this bracelet. Remember if you can also use this technique to make a necklace. Simply increase the number of seed beads you use. You can double the number of each colour of seed beads or you can make the first strand and then test on your neck to be sure its the right length you want. When you have gotten the right length, you can then make other strands, tie them, then use the cone to hide the knots. Get the full steps for the bracelet here

Did you miss yesterday’s indepth class on Everything you need to know about Making Jewelry. Click here to view it.

That’s it for today lovelies. Tomorrow, i will be sending you more tips on building bead jewelry, as well as tips on how to sell it and a simple necklace you can do with cloth. Stay tuned. And remember to practice what you learn.