The making of Zira: the little black dress in our collection

Hi styledolls,

So i have already mentioned here, that we have launched a brand new clothing line. Right now, we tailor to order. So if you are interested in an Escalia piece, shoot us an email.

Now onto today’s business.

Today, I want to briefly show you how we created the Zira dress. The Zira dress is a little black dress in our current collection with satin insert at the neckline and a whimsical tulle peplum at the knees. Its really lovely and can be worn to church, weddings or a date depending on how you dress it up or down. Change the tulle to woven and you have a fancy work wear that will turn heads when you sashay pass.

How did I make the dress?

I used freehand technique to create this piece. This means I drafted directly on fabric, I did not use any store-bought patterns.

See the cutting below:

The cutting of the front fashion fabric
The cutting of the back fashion fabric. An invisible zipper was used to join these two back pieces at the center back
The cutting for the tulle attachment at the knees. I did not want any joining on the tulle as this will be hard to conceal, so I cut this on a double-folded fabric
When you unfold the double-folded fabric, the high-low peplum looks like this


I cut these from both fashion fabric and the lining. The only difference is that I did not cut a neckline insert for the lining.

Here is a short video clip, showing a behind the scenes glimpse of the making of the dress.


What the final outfit looks like.

If you are really interested in learning how I made this dress, enter your email in the form below. I could create a tutorial session showing all the steps involved in creating this piece but I want to be sure it something you are interested in (it does take quite a lot of energy + time to film things and edit them 🙂 )So if you are interested, enter your name in the box below and I will try and squeeze out time to create the training session for you.


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