Back…with a bang and a giveaway

Hi style dolls,

Its really been a while. My absence from here was not intentional. I really had a lot on my hands plus I needed to take the back burner for a while to heal.

But I am back now and bigger than ever. *grinning from ear to ear right now*

So I have a lot of announcements to make but I will start with a few and reveal others as the year unfolds.

My first announcement?

Ever wanted to find outfits that make you look glam, gorg and chic with the occasional african spice? Nicely tailored too? Can be customised to fit your unique shape nicely? And affordable too?

Look no more because we are launching a clothing line that does all this and can be worn to different places depending on how you dress it up or down. We call it Escalia. I do intend to write another post on the escalia woman.

You can see some of our creations below

Yes, yes, all outfits are made by moi.

And to start off, we are hosting a Giveaway on our Instagram page @escalia_official. Be sure to check it out.

My take home note for you today is this: everyone starts from somewhere. Bare in mind that the road to success is never easy, so never give up easily.

That’s it angels. I hope to be back to regular blogging soon. Stay tuned. 😉


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