Grain Line, Crosswise GrainLine and Bias: A nifty guide


So in a recent class, one of my students asked me what a grainLine is.

Simply put, a grain line is a line on your fabric used to determine how to cut the fabric. Since the grainline or lengthwise grain is the strongest thread in the fabric, cutting your fabric, following the grainline ensures that your final outfit never has problems like the side seam shifting, the outfit warping out of shape.

I have seen outfits that have these problems and trust me, its not pretty.

There are three terms with which we describe fabric: they are grainline, crosswise grain and bias

If you are just starting your journey as a fashion designer, these terms can be a tad confusing.

To help you understand them a whole lot easily, I complied some really good tutorials with great pictures, so that you can understand it ASAP

To know what a grain line really is and how it relates to cross grain, and bias, please read this article:
A Basic Explanation OF Grain Lines

TO know how to find the grain line even in a cut piece of fabric with no selvedge as guide, please read this article
Finding the Fabric Grain

I hope these help you loads. Got questions? Even if its not related to grain lines but is sewing-related, drop it in the comments. I answer all questions.


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