How to sew a 6 pieces skirt

You have probably seen a 6 pieces skirt on countless asoebi trains: Its a lovely outfit and adds instant glam to an ensemble.

Want to learn how to make yours?

Then you are in luck, because today I show you how to sew a 6 pieces skirt. It pretty easy too.

What you will need:

  1. Your fabric (of course)
  2. Matching thread
  3. a yard stick
  4. Measuring Tape
  5. Tailor’s chalk or any tool you use to make marks on fabric
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Scissors.

Lets get started!

But first you will need to make some measurements:

The measurements you need for the skirt are:

  1. Hip measurement
  2. waist measurement
  3. waist to knee
  4. waist to ankle (or wherever you want your skirt to stop)

You need to determine how much fabric you will need. I gave instructions on how to do this in the video. The amount of fabric you will need depends a lot on the amount of flare you want. You will need to multiply your hip circumference by 2.5, or 3 or 3.5 or 4, even 5(if you can get that much fabric. Ankara typically comes in 6 yards, so it might not be feasible to multiply your hip by 5 if you intend to use ankara. Unless you have no intention of sewing a blouse with that ankara fabric)

In this example, I am using my hip measurement x 3.

Below you will see a simple illustration of how much fabric you should cut.


Now we are getting somewhere.

Watch the video below to see how I sewed a 6 pieces skirt

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Do you have any questions? Ask in the comments below. I will answer immediately.


45 thoughts on “How to sew a 6 pieces skirt

  1. I am a beginner and find the video very interesting and well explained. Is there a way I can download it so I can go through till I can get it right? Thanks


    1. Hi Obehi,

      Thanks for your kind words. I uploaded the video on youtube. It will always be there. But if you want to have the video from me, then you might want to join one of my online training classes. Since you are a beginner, I think a class that teaches you how to sew and what mistakes to avoid will be great for you.

      If you are interested, I will let you know when next I am hosting an online class. That will be an opportunity to get the video as well. And the class will be started soon. let me know if you are interested


    1. Hi bloomy,
      Thanks for visiting.

      The difference between 6pieces and 8pieces is how it is cut. 6pieces skirt is divided into two part, with one part having zip allowance. Then each part is divided into 3parts again.

      But in 8pieces skirt, you divide the fabric into two parts, with one part having zip allowancE. Then you divide each part into four parts. The front pieces are done first and used as template for the back pieces.

      I do hope my explanation is helpful. If not, please ask me what’s confusing you. I would love to help.


    1. The length from waist to hips depends on the person you are measuring. Different people have different distance between their waist to hips. Taller people will have a longer length than a shorter person.

      You will have to measure this to find out, dear. Typical lengths range from 8″ to 12″. This is from your natural waist(thinnest part of your stomach) to your natural hip(fullest part of your hip)


  2. Hi dear, the video for the six pieces skirt is well detailed. Thanks for that, I will like to join for the next online class, please do remind me when is time.


  3. Hello Chioma, You are a blessing to us all. Please, can you tell me how to go about cuttung a padded blouse. Thanks.


    1. Hi dear. So sorry about my late reply. I have been hard at work, creating content for my new online class. I will be inboxing you details of when its to start. thanks dear


  4. Thanks a lot for this video. Its well detailed and explained.
    my question is this…if I want seam allowance inside of the skirt just incase its small or I need to make it bigger. How would I do that since you cut on exact measurement. Thanks alot.


    1. Thanks Jummy. To be able to add more seam allowance, then you will need to make this modification when doing the side panels. Let’s assume you want to use 2inches as extra seam allowance. Then when cutting the side panel, add 2inches to the previous calculations that were divided by 6. So you add 2 inches to waist calculation, make mark on fabric, then you add 2inches to hip calculation, make mark on fabric and so on. Hope this explanation helps. Sorry for my late reply dear.


    1. Yes, Gina. Online classes are paid for. Free classes have been discontinued. You can get some free video tutorials on my youtube or here on my website but if you want to join my exclusive whatsapp online classes, then you will need to pay a registration fee


    1. Hi Pretty. Thanks for visiting my website. Thanks for your interest in my online classes too. You can get free tutorials on my website or my youtube channel. But if you want to join my exclusive whatsapp group, then you will need to pay a registration fee. Due to certain experiences from past classes, it is no longer free. Thanks.


  5. Gud morning ma,can you please explain to me how many pieces can 2 yards cut.Cos i want to sew pieces skirt preferably 6pieces.Thanks for your illustration.God bless you


    1. Good day dear. 2 yards can cut 6pieces skirt but the 6pieces will not be as elegant and beautiful as the one done with 4yards.
      The beauty of 6pieces skirt is the extravagance of the flare. 4 yards gives a very pronounced flare. However you can use 2 yards, but please do not expect to get the same result as seen on instagram, where designers use 4 yards to produce an emphatic flare.


    1. Hi dear, thanks for visiting my blog.

      Unfortunately, my free online classes have been stopped. I will not be doing them again as I have a lot of orders and the experience I got from the students of that class does not justify the time and efforts spent.

      However, I will soon be start an online sewing class. It will require payment for registration. If you are eager to learn, would you love to join this new class? Please note: the new class is NOT free.


  6. Hi Chioma. You are really wonderful! I appreciate your tutorials, keep up the good work. Kindly give out your whatsapp number in order to reach you for the online classes. I’m really interested. You have brought out the designer in me because I’v been really following your sewing videos. Thank you


  7. Got confused in the video but can u pls send detailed explanation of the video to my email and I will replay the video with your explanation again


  8. Hi chioma,
    This is the best video ever on six pieces. You gave it your best shot, very well explained. Pls do u have other videos e.g how to cut princess line blouses, off shoulders+sleeves etc. Lots of love


    1. Hi Grace. Tnx for your kind words about my video tutorial. I am working on a new set of tutorials for my students. From trouser to jumpsuits to bodice construction and gowns. These tutorials will be premium material though. Let me know if you are interested.


  9. Nice video but I have challenge on how to to add zip allowance to an 8piece skirt…please can u put me thru…thank u


    1. Hi Antonella, you need to divide your hip and waist by 12 because of the method used to cut the 6-pieces skirt. You will notice that the wholw fabric is cut into two unequal parts, then the smaller part is divided into three parts. then each of this three parts is folded into two before making a marks and cutting. So because of these several dividing of fabric and the eventual folding, its been calculated that you have to divide your hip & waist by 12 to end-up with a beautifully fitted 6-pieces skirt. 😉

      Hope my explanation helps.


  10. This is the video I used to learn my 6pieces skirt on YouTube. Your videos are easy to understand. I wish you could add more to your channel. God bless


    1. Thanks for your kind words Joan. I do have a lot of work right now but I do intend to free up some time and add more videos to my Youtube channel . Thanks dear.


    1. Hi Patricia,
      thanks for stopping by. A new batch will be started soon. Please subscribe to this blog to ensure you don’t miss out our starting date.
      Thanks dear.


  11. Very detailed video on six piece skirt! I used your video to cut my 6 piece skirt for the first time and it was awesome. Thanks God bless you


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