DIY: Some bead jewelry making you will love

Hi fweeps,

Beaded jewelry is all the rage now: From custom necklaces to pearls on fabrics.

And today, I am delighted to show you some fantastic jewelry you can make on your own, for yourself or to sell, or to give as gifts to your loved ones 🙂




DIY 1: Earrings using seed beads

You need:

Seed beads (of any colour you like)

2 Earwires

strong stringing material (or Tigertail as it is called by some)

2 single crimp beads (for two earrings)

2 open eye pins (1cm)



1)Cut three different lengths of tigertail (10 inches to be safe) thread.

2)Fill 3/4 of the tigertail thread with seed beads. Then create the interwined design shown in the images below.
3)Pass the straight end of your open-eye pin through a crimp bead. Then twist this straight end into a curve and tie the ends of your tigertails to it. Cut the string, leaving a little lenght to pass through the top seed beads.
4) Fit the earwire through the other curved end of the open-eye pin.



DIY 2: Earrings using wire-wrapping

You need:

Wire (20 to 26 gauge)

Round nose pliers

A top drilled bead (only one side has a drilled hole. Not both sides)

Instructions (instructions labeled in accordance to number on the picture below)
2/3) Thread a length of wire through the bead and squeeze with round nose pliers
4/5) Snip one side of the wire leaving ½ cm
6) Pull the wire over the top of the round nose pliers
7) All the way around to form the loop
8/9) Grip the loop with the pliers and with the other pliers wrap the wire all the way to the top of the bead
10) Snip the wire off as near to the bead as possible and align the cut end with the rest by pressing with flat nose pliers
11) Re-adjust the loop with round nose pliers to centre it


DIY 3: Pearl Necklace

This necklace is self-explanatory. Here is what you need:

Pearls (any colour or shape of your choice).

Gold Daisy Spacer Metal beads (4mm)

Gold Head Pins (2cm)

Lobster clasps




  1. Pick a head pin. Pass a pearl through the head pin. Then after that, pass the daisy metal spacer bead through the head pin.
  2. Use the round nose pliers to bend the end of the head pin.
  3. Repeat step 1 for another bead, head pin and metal spacer bead for a second piece
  4. Pass the second piece through the curved end of the first piece.
  5. Curve/bend the end of the second piece.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 till you achieve your desired lenght.
  7. Then curve the last piece around the end of a lobster clasp.
  8. Cut off the spherical side of a head pin, then curve both ends. One end will be attached to the jumper ring, while the other end will be attached to the beginning of your necklace.

Voila! you are done!



2 thoughts on “DIY: Some bead jewelry making you will love

  1. I love ur work u are really a God sent to this generation, God bless u. Pls can u teach us by writing the steps to achieve the work.


    1. Hi Ruth,
      I have updated the post by writing the steps. Before you can attempt any of these, I strongly recommend you have round-nose pliers and Flat-nose pliers. They will make your work easier and a whole lot neater (especially if you plan to sell them). And they are downright cheap too. Click here to see a complete kit that will cost you less than $9:

      Also when you make the earring and necklace, do not forget to share. You can send me pictures so I can shout about your skills from the roof tops 😉


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