DIY: A jewellery set

Hi lovelies,

Today I have 3 lessons for you: an earring, a necklace and a bracelet.

DIY Earring

The earring is pretty simple:

You need:

2 buttons

2 beads (could be any of your choice. Just make sure its big or plenty enough to cover the button hole caveat).

A thread of rhinestones.


A bracelet:

Love this bracelet? Click here to view the step by step instructions with vivid pictures.

The necklace:

If you would love to  learn how to make this necklace, please click here


4 thoughts on “DIY: A jewellery set

    1. Hi Juliet,
      the tutorial is meant to show how to make the top of the earring. You can then attach the top to any design of locker you want.

      I normally get my supplies from my local market. I will advice you do the same. There must be a big market in your state that is well known for selling clothes, materials, etc. Go there and ask them where you can buy beads for making necklaces. A rhinestone ribbon is fairly common because even wedding & event decorators use it.

      Sometimes, you might not find what you want from you local market. I would advise using Amazon at such times. I love to order special types of brooches from amazon (which I could not find in my locality or any online store). Use MallforAfrica so that they can ship your things down to Ghana at $5. If you do not find the rhinestone in your local market, here is the link in amazon.

      Hope this helps. If you do make the earring please let me know, and send me pictures so I can show you off to my facebook and website followers 😉 . You never know, you could get a couple of customers that way.


    1. Hi Loveth,
      Yes its glue. Use very strong, quick-drying glue that can gum plastic to plastic.

      I would love to see your project when you are done. Let me know how it goes and send a picture of your finished work too 🙂


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