One of the most romantic Marriage Proposal ever!

Hi lovelies,

I love weddings, engagement proposals and happy couples. Recently I stumbled on a marriage proposal that brought tears to my eyes. I just had to share it. It was just too tender, so sweet and almost magical.

Nothing compares to being in love with a guy who loves you to the moon and back and who delights in making you happy. Absolutely nothing.

It’s the marriage proposal of Norman Kofi Gyamfi to Blair Edwards. Norman planned it as a surprise proposal on Blair birthday. He wanted that birthday to be extra special. First of all, he made sure that their family members would be present on the D-day.

Then he flew in Blair’s favorite makeup artist, Renny Vasquez, to come and make Blair up.

wedding proposal3

Then he took her on a helicopter ride. The view was just to beautiful and those kisses inside the helicopter: Delicious.

wedding proposal2

Then he went down on one knee in the middle of rose petals and surrounded by their family. I was speechless at this point. Watch the video below:

Blair and Norman. Then the giant rock :)
Blair and Norman. Then the giant rock 🙂

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