Get the look: The Office Bombshell

white fashion3

I think this look is great for the office: When watered down a bit. For instance, I won’t be exposing any cleavage. if you really like this look, and want to rock, then you are in luck because I will show you how to do just that:


Instead of a wrap-around shirt and wide-leg trousers, I opted for a jumspsuit, with gold bangles and gold DKNY watch, with black and gold drop earrings and reptile-skin pointed pumps. You can get all these in the following stores:

Jumpsuit: Miskay Boutique

Shoes: Jumia

DKNY: Jumia

Bangles (I strongly recommend 4 bangles at least): Konga

Earrings: Konga




6 thoughts on “Get the look: The Office Bombshell

  1. hi,
    hope you would be doing more of this ‘get the look’. This is really nice of you. I especially like the where to get the items ( I wanted the jumpsuit but its out of stock 😦 ). Anyways, thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry to hear the jumpsuit is already out of stock. Loved it the instant I saw it, so I am not surprised its gone. Your words are really encouraging. I will do more ‘get the look’ posts in future. Thanks demiladen 🙂


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